Steve McInerny is a committee member producing the session ‘The Secrets of The Title Sequence’ 

As a Promax newbie it’s been exciting to get involved with the conference, and to see how somehow Pauline and Marko have wrangled ideas from at least 30 different people into a coherent lineup. The group is very welcoming and creative, and it’s great to be involved in a project where speakers suggestions from big name hollywood talent to niche specialists are all welcomed.

I submitted three session proposals, one of which was selected. This session will be a talk by Emmy award­-winners Nic Benns and Miki Kato from TV and film opening sequence specialists Momoco. Having been a fan since coming across their work for Misfits, it has been a very welcome chance to meet and collaborate with some design heroes. Nic and Miki took some time out from working on some major TV and film title projects to meet up with me in their ‘bijou’ studio above a shop on Carnaby Street. It’s encouraging to see that their small team wins out against much bigger agencies to work on big film and TV releases which include Dracula, the Three Musketeers and Ripper Street.

Luckily for me Nic and Miki are seasoned speakers, and their work lends itself to being shown on the big screens at the BFI, so I’m hoping our session will be reasonably straightforward to organise. My biggest fear on the day (apart from an AV hitch of some sort) is that there will be an uncomfortable silence in the “any questions” section at the end, so please all don’t be shy and put your hand up! We also plan to enable people not at the conference to post questions for Nic and Miki, watch this space for more details.




Steve McInerny