blog-fitz-hongerWhat have you done since Promax?
I’ve been fortunate to visit a couple of production companies after Promax ended. I’ve had a chat with a development producer and Fremantle. The discussion lay out the inner workings of the company. It helped me gain a better understanding of where I would want to fit in.

I’ve looked to incorporate the skills and knowledge passed through the seminars into my own projects.  The practice of what it takes to make a good promo has helped in expanding the reach of my podcast I co-host ‘Staying off Topic’.

What did I gain from Promax?
Promax was great at building a network and connecting with people in all different parts of the industry. I was in a privilege position to have a role which allowed for this type of connectivity. The contacts that I have developed have been able to give me valuable information. It has opened up a new source of support and insight that wasn’t available to me before.

What I am looking forward to from Promax 2016? 

Wondering how you bridge the gap between the traditionalist and the advancements of technology.

Will attempts be made to bring the people who don’t interact with streaming services? Does the new way we market promos have to cater to two distinctly different audiences.  The competition to attract and then keep people’s attention is hard. I would hope that promax will find a way to tap into new more diverse audiences. I think by including more diverse voices will help bring authenticity in pursuing new avenues.

*Fitzgerald Honger is working at Scripps as a Production Coordinator