For those of you who thought they heard the last of me, well I am going to disappoint some and elate others. Last Thursday was the PUK nominations night an event held in high esteem on any creatives’ calendar.  I mean the only things above it would be; pay day, the first time your work is recognised and when you can properly articulate what your job is to your parents.

The event was an eye opening experience for me especially being my first PUK event. People gathered throughout the night into a swanky venue. Allegiances were put aside to find out whether your work would be nominated. Allegiances were put back together in adulation or sadness. It was a warm and friendly atmosphere. People could mingle and let the pressure off.

Fortunately for those who couldn’t be in attendance the night was captured by our pericasters. I can’t convince Microsoft that it’s a real word.  SYWBITV has found a really bright group of young people to run the periscope account. This was the perfect opportunity for them to engage and interact with a talented punch of people. The experience will ingratiate them into this type of environment. On the night they took a page out of Jaws’ book they stalked their victims securing riveting interviews. Giving you a real sense of what was going on. Do make sure you check it out or you’ll be out of the loop.

To finish my soliloquy I was really inspired by the events with the sheer volume of awards you could win. So I’ve decided to write my own promo. My hope is that it will be nominated next year in a category. I don’t mind which, maybe in the best thing ever award, you decide.

Intern promo

Fitz Honger