blog-james-addy What have you done since Promax?

Meeting some of the greats of the industry, including sitting in on an interview with S.J. Watson, nurse turned writer of ‘Before I Go To Sleep’.

Meeting him helped to quell some of the fears I had about my own approach to writing but more importantly it reiterated the need for self-belief and courage.

When it comes to the creative industries, for every voice that says yes to your work there may be many that say no. Without a continuous belief in yourself that break will never come, you have to find a way to be inoffensively arrogant and more importantly have the courage to do the work you need to until you reach your ideal role.

What have you gained since Promax?

Since attending the PromaxUK Conference at the tail end of last year my outlook on the industry has changed. Whilst I have yet to have my first long term industry job, listening to what many of the guest speakers had to say has spurred me on to follow my own path.

While looking for that first job I’ve been; volunteering(sometimes unknowingly), working and continually expanding my writing from short film scripts to comedy sketches. I’ve also had the pleasure of co-hosting ‘Staying Off Topic’ a non-topical podcast on the Podcast LDN network.

What would you like to see at Promax UK 2016 

Honestly answering this question is a bit daunting, it’s like being asked to bite the hand that feeds you – by the hand. So what am I looking for from Promax in the future? In the changing landscape that is the way we consume content I guess Promax’s role will be to help facilitate ad creators in developing ways to stay in the public eye with increasing restrictions from software like adblockers.

The real challenge is finding a way to avoid these restrictions, and maintain creativity whilst reaching a large target audience. I’d suggest a competition that rewards the winners with funding for a future ad campaign. The competitors they have to create the most innovative ad campaign to a set budget. Think of it like Thunderdome minus the-no, pretty much just like Thunderdome, every ad company enters only one leaves.

*James Addy is available for any job opportunities.