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As part of Promax UK’s Next Gen initiative, have joined with So You Want To Be In TV? to sponsor a PROMAX UK Periscope group, ‘The Pericasters’. The project is supported by a teaching experience before, during, and after the up-coming Promax UK conference.

SYWTBITV have identified three candidates to participate in this endevour, Chinny Brown, Shkri Ahmed, and Camroy Peters. Two will act as the Pericaster, while the third member of the team will work with Envy Post’s Natascha Cadle, to coordinate the social media distribution of the content which will be produced daily.

On Friday 25th of September, Marc Ortmans, Natascha, Rioch from SYWTBITV and the “Pericast” team members met with The News Market’s Periscope gurus to discuss best practices and hear how a successful Periscope production works.

Unlike past projects with SYWTBITV, which have traditionally shot and post produced videos about the conference, this will be live streamed.

Periscope opens new doors for the marketing community. This is the perfect opportunity for the Next Gen candidates to develop new skills while demonstrating this new way of creating engaging storytelling.

Other companies participating in the Next Gen initiative include Channel 5, ENVY, and Altitude Music. Promax UK 2015 chairs have also appointed candidate Fitzgerald Honger to work alongside them for the conference and awards.

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