Anastasia Leng
Founder & CEO – Picasso Labs
Anastasia Leng is the founder & CEO of Picasso Labs, a venture-backed company that develops artificial intelligence to help brands make data-driven decisions about their creative. Picasso Labs was recently selected as one of Unilever’s 50 most innovative marketing companies of 2016 and now works with companies like Unilever and Volvo and agencies like Mediacom and Mindshare to help them understand what’s resonating with their audience and why.

In this talk, Anastasia will explore how every company can move to a data-informed creative strategy without losing the art of the brand. She will also discuss topical visual insights around the 2016 US election and the last New York Fashion Week to show how much information is laying dormant behind every single image on the web.

• What do Trump’s best performing images have in common and what does that say about his supporters?

• How do changing trends in fashion week imagery help retailers?

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