Andrew Hawken (Virtual Reality Entrepreneur) in conversation with Russell Morris (Amazon Video), Guy Slattery (Viceland), Ofer Shayo (Kaltura) and Derren Sequeira (Facebook).

“What the hell is the New Normal anyway?”
Back in the day, TV promotion was all about making a 30-second spot, maybe doing a print or radio ad, and if budgets were big enough, creating some outdoor or transit signage. Well, that day is long gone and TV has morphed into something completely different. One question this esteemed group will consider is “Why do we still call it TV?” With the myriad of new distribution tools and all the innovative ways of marketing content, they will advise on how to best navigate your way to a successful campaign today. From live-streaming and the distribution power of the internet, through to OTT, social media, artificial intelligence, and augmented, virtual and mixed reality, which are just some of the realities that make up the New Normal, how on earth do we keep up? Join us for the ultimate conversation with some of the most connected experts in the business and we will help guide you to truly understanding the power of “The New Normal.”