Jesse Rednissspeakers_2016_jesse_redniss
Co-founder – BRaVe Ventures

“As our art form goes through a tectonic shift of consumption and availability, there is one thing that remains constant: glass. Yet, how audiences engage with glass has evolved so quickly, that its sheer velocity may be outpacing the very business models that support it.

In this talk, we’ll explore the various viewer touch points and mediums where audiences dwell today: from immersive storytelling using today’s most advanced virtual and augmented reality offerings, the explosion and noise of live social video, to the challenges ahead in the direct-to-consumer OTT battle ground.

From a conceptual level, we will also touch on the various success metrics and KPIs that today’s marketers should be considering when evaluating how and why they want to explore these spaces. Can glass be used to capture emotion, insight and audience affinity, and what can today’s TV marketers do with this information?”

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