Joel Beckerman
Founder – Man Made Music


The Power of Sound: Making Every Second Count

In the new normal, brands that are winning know every second of audience engagement counts. As our attention spans decrease and we hunger for fresh entertainment, faster, brands have uncovered the secret ingredients for success – longer engagement, heightened attribution, and irresistibly shareable content. Across media, sound is one of the most powerful vehicles to increase engagement, triggering memories and creating emotional connections in an instant. We will show the smartest brands are using sound to connect, immerse, motivate and curate fandoms across all their content and channels.

The key questions that Joel will be addressing:

1.  Why brands need to tap into the power of sound to drive engagement in a world where entertainment is multiplatform and all impressions count.
2.  Why sound is an increasingly powerful tool as our attention spans and engagement times decrease.
3.  Why all entertainment experiences need great sound to deliver a meaningful impact.”

Producer  – Jilly Mcbale

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