Digital Out of Home: Beyond the billboard

speakers_2016_sarah_parkesSarah Parkes
Managing Director of Primesite’s Airport team

“It should be no surprise that Digital Out-of-Home currently seems to be the most exciting medium. It’s an industry in rude health that offers brands the opportunity to deliver broadcast campaigns but with the unique ability of being more targeted, which in turn delivers increased relevance, efficiency and effectiveness. Brands can now communicate with specific audiences at specific times and places. It’s this contextual relevance that delivers the opportunity to influence behaviour. Harnessing the power of this flexibility will help Digital Out-of-Home deliver more clearly against business objectives. We will discuss how this is currently being achieved and what the future looks like as brands harness the latest Digital Out-of-Home technological advances.”

These are the key questions Sarah will be addressing:

  1. How Out-of-Home advertising has evolved with the advent of digital
  2. How contextual, real-time advertising can target consumers effectively
  3. What does the future look like for Digital Out-of-Home?

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