executive board

Each core board member contributes to the overall running of Promaxbda uk.
The Board is responsible for defining the role and mission of Promax and thereby setting the strategic direction for the brand. 
It also oversees the management of the awards each year as well as the associated events, ensuring they are delivered to a high standard, are on brand and on budget.
All of its decisions are made for the best interest of the institution, not for particular constituents
We will meet monthly with every 3rd meeting including the wider board (which consists of representation of all major broadcasters).

advisory council board

The wider board’s aim is to have the full representation from across all of the broadcasting industry.
It will meet quarterly with the core board and company directors and will contribute to the overall direction Promaxbda UK. All of its decisions are made in the best interests of the institution.

Tom Williams


Richard Kinning


James Wood


Robin Garnett


Paul Mortimore


Jennifer Carey

Channel 4

Marco Giusti


Alex Norris

Comedy Central

Kate Dunn


Ruth Shabi

Red Bee

Julian Munro

Virgin Media

Faye Harcourt


Nick Callaghan


company directors

The company directors are legally responsible for the business,
they scrutinise decision making, and steer the overall strategy.

Anna Priest

Anna Priest

Freelance Marketing Director

Marc Ortmans

Marc Ortmans Brand Communications

Tim Hughes

Brand Consultant

Natascha Cadle

Facility Director and Co Founder

Paul Ridsdale

Controller of Marketing and Media

Nikki Bentley

Founder and Executive Producer
Perfect Tribe