My teacher told me (or was it my grand parents) that you needed a big OB unit to broadcast to the world (or something like that). Now, all I need is a phone with a decent camera. One of them also remarked that making a fool of yourself is to be done at home, now you can do it live in front of the whole world. That’s the nature of Periscope, Twitter’s App that was launched in March.
Sometimes older people come to teenagers excited about a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest or Reddit. Most of us don’t use any of them and seriously, FB is for old people – like my brother. 
So Periscope? Its cool because I can talk about stuff and have people interact from around the world, finding out what they’re into and up to live. #nofilter
PUK and Promo
For events and live “happenings’’ its great.  PUK Nomination Night was awesome and loved seeing the reactions when the nominations for the awards went up.  Our man Camroy brought his shotgun mic and a magic sound box and without them I really don’t think we would have heard anything, it was so loud. We ended up with a 1,000 views on that one so our mentor Frank Radice from Definition 6 was a happy man.
Our second outing was streaming the shoot for a So You Wanna Be In TV? promo being filmed at ENVY and by 5Creative. So we buzzed around Rich Thrift and my fellow Wanna Be’s and had a chat via the live stream with some Promaxians  like Marc Ortmans and new friends from Fiji and the Ukraine. That’s the randomness I love about streaming world wide.
Pros – Its live, you can meet the world and chat. 
Cons – Trolls, losing signal, your arm aches (use selfie stick or similar), big noise.
PROMAX Conference and Awards
Can’t wait. We’ll be there on both days, me, Camroy and Shukri – just hanging out so come check us out fam. The awards has been described to me as a cross between the BAFTAS, Friday night on the Old Kent Road and a Bear Pit. Sounds like fun.