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At “The New Normal” Conference, we don’t want you to just hear about the latest tech innovations, we want you to experience them. That’s why we’re giving every single ticket holder an opportunity to get hands-on with Google’s new virtual reality painting app, Tilt Brush.

Tilt Brush is set to revolutionise the way you create and experience art by allowing you to paint in three-dimensional
space whilst you explore, literally, every element of your work. This is digital art like you’ve never seen before.

Your room is your canvas with once-impossible ‘materials’ such as fire, snow or even stars, right at your fingertips. Select your colours and brush and get “sculpting” with a wave of your hand. Step into your canvas – move around and through your artwork as you go along for an entirely new perspective each time, because with virtual reality, anything is possible.

See the potential this has to change the art and design industry forever, as showcased by street artist Chu, who is part of a select group of artists chosen by Google to explore the possibilities with Tilt Brush.

And understand the evolution of graffiti as an art form, why street art matters and how you can interact with it and use it as a powerful tool for creating public engagement, as presented by Dr Lee Bofkin, CEO of Global Street Art.

Catch Chu and Lee in the main theatre in the morning, then head to the Tilt Brush by Google area in “Normal Land” for your hands-on demo.

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