Welcome to the Promax UK 2015 blog – the forum that we will be using to keep you up to date with the progress of the conference and the awards. We started the production in July (what feels like decades ago).  The past few months have involved visits to the BFI, emails, phone calls, coffee, favours, talks with sponsors, keynote speakers and more coffee… Following on from the announcement at last night’s PUK, we are now live and in full production (and not as hungover as we should be after all the drinks?!?).

Our Promax committee is now in full swing with setting up sessions for the two days and the range of sessions they’re working on promises for an excellent conference. So far we’ve got our own short film in production, a mini literary salon, a pitch doctor and countless other sessions. More details on the sessions as well as the committee to follow, but for now we would like to announce two of our speakers at Promax 2015 – Alison Jackson and SJ Watson!

Alison Jackson is best known for her lookalike celebrity photos and has her own take on the rise of celebrity culture.

Please keep checking the site, follow us on twitter and Facebook for latest updates. Looking forward to sharing more info soon.