University prepared me for a lot of things; surviving on a shoestring budget, living with animals and a third thing. I was not prepared for intricacies of dealing with loads of emails that you can only learn on the job.  Through ‘So You Wanna Be In Tv’ I have been working on the Promax Conference which as you know is on the 29th to 30th of October.

My main responsibilities besides being fabulous have included updating the blog and sourcing information for the conference. You may have picked up the hints of similarities between me and Indiana Jones and you would be right. The both of us are intrepid explorers making sure we uncover a priceless artefact that must be put in the right hands. Was that analogy a bit of a stretch quite possibly.

Working on Promax has given me a great look at the ins and outs of what it takes to run such an event. The hands on learning environment I feel will be truly beneficial to me in the future. This will be in no small part thanks to Marko & Pauline. Can we get more than a quick round of applause for our chairs,  at least 2 minutes of hand slapping?

I like the fast pace nature of the work it has become an addiction I am not sure how I’ll cope without it.