/ Backing Brilliant Creative

/ What was the brief?

The brief was to create a celebratory film to premiere on BBC One on New Year’s Eve. The film was set out to support the licence fee review coming up this year and create love amongst the public for what we do at the BBC.

/ Any hurdles you had to overcome?

One hurdle we had to overcome was the constraints of using ‘BBC’ as an acronym. Creatively this was a very fun and clever mechanism to use however, there was a wide range of content we had to cover with it too. Writing engaging and exciting copy within the acronym that successfully reached every touch point of the BBC was definitely a challenge.

/ Favourite moment of the film?

Many of our title designs for the ‘BBC’s’ were heavily inspired by film title references both modern and old school. Titles like ‘Blimmin Bent Coppers’ played homage to movies like ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Bad Boys for Life’ while other titles like ‘Bad Boy Charm’ referenced ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Brutal Battling Competitors’ referencing ‘Suicide Squad’.

/ Credits

ECD : Helen Rhodes

Head of Planning : Mike Lean

Head of Production : James Wood

Creative Director : Tim Jones

Creative Director : James Cross

Creative : Chris Bovill

Creative : John Allison

Creative : Shannon Cripps

Creative : Beth Wood

Producer : Liz Dolan

Project Manager : Astrid Reiner

Planner : Rosanagh Ker

Production Manager : Jess Greshoff

Production Manager : Brendan Barry

Marketing Manager : Simon Alford

Marketing Manager : Liv Slack

Portfolio Head of Marketing : James Parry

Researcher : Ed Hobson

Executive Producer : Emory Ruegg

Producer : Isla Gordon-Crozier

Researcher : Saman Aminzadeh

Researcher : Anneka Harry

Production Company : Somesuch

Director : Alex Hulsey

Researcher : Louis McCourt

Researcher : Skyla Van der Pols

Edit & Post : ZED Video

Editor : Dominic Leung

Edit & Post Producer : Harriet Cawley

Lead Animator : Richard Kenworthy

Graphic Animator : Mat Voyce

Graphic Animator : Nomad

Graphic Animator : Wei Prior

Graphic Animator : Timothy Evans

Sound Design : Seb Bruen

Colorist : Samantha Day

Retouch & Delivery : Black Kite Studios

Editor : Sam McMullen

Post Audio Mixer : Marcus Smith