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Creative demons and how to slay them

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All of us fall victim to creative demons from time to time – doubt, procrastination, the blank page, failure, criticism, constraints, convention and the rest. So join us for a free interactive session  with writer and creativity coach Richard Holman as he explores ways of overcoming your creative demons, no matter how grotesque or hairy they may be. Richard will chose his favourite responses that you find most troubling and discuss in the session and if your demon is chosen you’ll receive a free signed copy of his new book: ‘Creative Demons and How to Slay Them’.

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Richard Holman

Having been the founder of a highly awarded creative & design agency and worked for 15 years as a Creative Director, Richard Holman now spends much of his time writing and speaking about the creative process, inspiring people (and brands) to have better ideas.

His workshops are a unique blend of practical activities, inspirational lectures and illuminating curios curated from a lifetime of creativity. You can listen to some of his talks from international festivals and conferences here.

Richard has run creative workshops for Eurosport, Sky, ITV, SVT, Turner, Fox, E! and A&E among others. He is a regular contributor to Creative Review magazine and hosts the podcast The Wind Thieved Hat.

He believes that after love, creativity is the most value attribute
we human beings possess.