Creative Masterclasses with Richard Holman

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The dates are the afternoons of:

Tuesday 3rd November 2-5
Thursday 5th November 9-12
Tuesday 17th November 2-5
Thursday 19th November 9-12

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Spread across 4 half-days, this course will be a source of inspiration, edification and cultural enrichment and is designed to put joy in the heart of the creatives or designers who take part. Presented by Richard Holman the sessions will be delivered virtually and draw on examples of exceptional creativity from art, literature, music, design, science and more to showcase the very best in creative thinking and reveal the principles attendees can apply in their own search for creative nirvana.

The course will appeal to seniors and juniors alike … putting a spring back in the step of the most jaded old hand, as well as exciting those just starting about the extraordinary possibilities which lie ahead.

Creative rocket fuel.

We’ll cover…

The Elixir of Genius Ideas

Zen and the Art of Creative Thinking

The Power of Words

Making Good great

The Art of Listening

The Value of F**king Up & Getting Lost

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Richard Holman

Having been the founder of a highly awarded creative & design agency and worked for 15 years as a Creative Director, Richard Holman now spends much of his time writing and speaking about the creative process, inspiring people (and brands) to have better ideas.

His workshops are a unique blend of practical activities, inspirational lectures and illuminating curios curated from a lifetime of creativity. You can listen to some of his talks from international festivals and conferences here.

Richard has run creative workshops for Eurosport, Sky, ITV, SVT, Turner, Fox, E! and A&E among others. He is a regular contributor to Creative Review magazine and hosts the podcast The Wind Thieved Hat.

He believes that after love, creativity is the most value attribute
we human beings possess.

/ Testimonials

Richard’s sessions were of huge benefit to all our creative team. From the hungry young pups to the grizzled old dogs, everyone came out raring to go on their next project, ready to put into practice their learnings from modules full of insight, inspiration, wisdom and humour. A thoroughly engaging speaker – with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the creative world, I couldn’t recommend Richard’s training days highly enough.

IAN CLARK, Lead Creative, Sky

These sessions were a godsend. It was amazing to indulge ourselves in pure creativity and great design. Richard was awesome.

IAN CLARKE, Motion Design Director, Plastic Pictures

Insightful, engaging, & super informative. We all walked away refreshed and excited to work and create.

OMEED BOGHRATY, Assoc. Creative Director, E!