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Creativity & Mental Wellbeing
How to keep your creativity flowing when life gets in the way

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In this special session, hosted by creativity expert Richard Holman and psychotherapist & coach Tony Linkson, you’ll discover more about the delicate relationship between mental wellbeing and creativity. There’ll be inspiring stories of how artists, writers and musicians have overcome the hurdles life has placed in their way, along with simple strategies everyone can employ to weather whatever storms lie ahead.

The session will be in two parts, a short talk and an interactive workshop.

The course will be 1-2 hours and will be free to members and non-members. That’s how important and valuable this will be for you all – so please spread the word.

A helpful, inspiring and uplifting way to begin the new year.

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Richard Holman

Having been the founder of a highly awarded creative & design agency and worked for 15 years as a Creative Director, Richard Holman now spends much of his time writing and speaking about the creative process, inspiring people (and brands) to have better ideas.

His workshops are a unique blend of practical activities, inspirational lectures and illuminating curios curated from a lifetime of creativity. You can listen to some of his talks from international festivals and conferences here.

Richard has run creative workshops for Eurosport, Sky, ITV, SVT, Turner, Fox, E! and A&E among others. He is a regular contributor to Creative Review magazine and hosts the podcast The Wind Thieved Hat.

He believes that after love, creativity is the most value attribute
we human beings possess.

Tony Linkson

Tony Linkson

Tony Linkson originally trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins and worked in design, direction and branding for many years, beginning at the visual execution end of the industry and ultimately running teams as a creative director. His psychotherapy training at Spectrum dovetailed with his brand consultancy projects and he found his core interest in the strategies behind visual expressions, increasingly working with brands and organisations (and the people inside them) to identify their essence and help them shape their behaviours accordingly, empowering them to communicate clearly and effectively. He now works as a psychotherapist – with people from all walks of life, and as a coach – primarily with creatives and artists of various kinds. He also writes about therapy and creativity.