Promax UK 2020 Awards

Entries for 2020 are now closed

New categories added

there are some new ‘creativity in lockdown’ awards to reflect the times, including BEST LOCKDOWN SPOT and BEST REACTIVE WORK.

Longer duration

Video submission duration has increased from 90″ to 120″.

Lower cost

To encourage and enable the usual level of entries within a tougher budget climate, we’ve lowered the cost from £175 to £125 per entry.

Just one week left to enter

This year budgets won’t preclude anyone from coming – the event is going to be free as we’re going virtual with our new partner Reactoo! They are experts in creating engaging virtual events meaning we can bring everyone together to celebrate in true Promax style!

Awards Night

4th November 2020

As ever, we really appreciate feedback so please get in touch with any thoughts

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