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Seven inspiring women took to the PUK Talk stage and the atmosphere in the Curzon Soho was electric. June Sarpong led the way with an insightful and poignant keynote. A big thank you once again to our sponsor, BBC Studios.

Here's just a taster of some killer quotes from their inspirational sessions:

“Equality is not humanity’s cashmere bed socks, it is absolutely the water that we drink and breathe – that is how we will succeed. ‘Cos every time you bring someone from a different background in, they create a new market. They come up with a new format. They find a new audience. All the stuff that was there before still is there…you don’t need to destroy any of that…but you create a new space and you double your market. By serving all the people who’ve never been served before.”

/ Caitlin Moran

"If someone doesn’t like your idea, you’ve just got to keep going. Failure is a constant thing. People talk about “making it” as though making it is one thing. But then you learn that there’s just a series of diving boards that get higher and higher and you keep having to jump off. And every time, you might completely strike out and do yourself a mischief, but you have to learn that it is what it is. You should always be uncomfortable. If you’re doing it right, you’ll be on the edge of what you can manage."

/ Lauren Laverne

“Don't get bitter. Get better." Advice from friend and entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid

/ Grace Ladoja MBE

“I believe that when you have equal opportunity coupled with self-belief anything is possible.”

/ June Sarpong MBE

“There is still a big gap between what people are saying and what’s really happening under the surface and in cultures that are not being changed...”

/ Helen Calcraft

Anna Priest Co Chair Promax

"What we’ve done today is use the Promax platform to move the conversation forward and inspire progress. Everybody in this room not only has the means, but has the responsibility to push for a better balance in society."

/ Co-Chair of PromaxBDA UK, Anna Priest

“Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life."

/ Caroline Goyder - Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority

“I don't have a wife at home that's doing that...I am the wife at home that's doing that!"

/ Caitlin Ryan

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