About the scheme

Mentoring is a well-recognised, powerful tool that enables people to make connections and allow deep, two way learning.

At Promax UK we are committed to cultivating leaders and building on the skill sets across the industry at all levels. Getting involved in a formal programme allows structured learning with someone outside of your organisation. The programme is practical and the relationship is driven by the mentee. The schedule is decided on by the pair to suit the needs and commitments of both parties.

Mentoring can be hugely valuable for both parties; it can improve skills, confidence and career development.

We are no longer taking applications for the 2018 scheme, but you can register interest for next year’s scheme via the links below. Here are the approximate timings:

2018 registration closed end of March 2018
2018 Mentors and Mentees being paired up mid-end May 2018
2018 Mentorships run until end of 2018
2019 registration opens Jan 2019

/ Who's eligible for the scheme?

Anyone can apply to be mentored or you may wish to consider becoming a mentor yourself.

We are looking for people across the industry and from all backgrounds – marketing, creative, production and media planning.

Benefits to being a mentee

Enhance your confidence and determination

Learn how to build, sustain and maintain professional relationships

Build your own professional network

You and your mentor are busy and you have a lot going on. Promax UK Mentoring scheme takes this into account and we ask that you, the mentee, drives the relationship and takes responsibility for the scheduling of the meetings. The frequency is defined by the pair but we ask that you have 3-5 sessions over a 9 – 12 month period. We will check in every 6 months to see how it is going and are always available to answer any questions.

2019 registration has ended, but you can register interest for 2020.

What do we look for in potential mentors?

Our mentors are all experienced media and creative professionals, who can offer a friendly face and a chance to ask career or personal development advice in a safe, relaxed environment. Mentoring is often an excellent way to enhance your career, obtain some extra support and guidance at a time when you might want to try something new, or have just made a career change. For many people, getting a mentor is a life-changing experience which offers insight and assistance that wouldn’t have otherwise been available to them.

2019 registration has ended, but you can register interest for 2020.