/ Paralympics

/ Brief in a nutshell

In the media, disabled people are usually only presented in one of two ways, either as objects of inspiration or as objects of pity. We saw an opportunity to create a film that conveyed the much more complex reality. For the first time, we wanted to present Paralympians as ‘human’. So we interviewed over twenty Paralympians to find out what the reality is like, and wrote the script in partnership with them.

/ Any hurdles you had to overcome?

Hurdles. Is that a Paralympics pun?

We had a fair few. From a production point of view, the whole thing was a pretty extreme undertaking. Some of our athletes were shielding, others had last minute injuries or qualifying events. Not to mention the whole thing got postponed a year and still looked uncertain right up until the moment we shot. Luckily, nobody at Channel 4 ever wavered, even when the Games looked in doubt, and extra year gave our (incredible) producers time to build a great relationship with our production partner, Somesuch.

/ Favourite moment of the film?

The end line ‘To be a Paralympian there’s got to be something wrong with you’ was something we arrived at quite early on. It guided the film and we used it to inform a bunch of decisions. Visually, I love the moment when we see the blister getting popped. The way the film treats visceral, confrontational imagery with a sense of humour is probably what makes it feel special. It’s honest and it’s funny. That’s what makes it human.

/ Key Credits


Production Company:
Serial Pictures x Somesuch

Executive Creative Director:
Lynsey Atkin

Deputy Executive Creative Director:
Eoin McLaughlin

Creative team:
Scott Taylor and Andy Shrubsole

Head of Production:
James Turnham/Miketta Lane

Executive Producer:
Shananne Lane

Campaign Producer: Louise Oliver

Designer: Sarah Jones

Production Manager: Will Breeden

Exec Producer: Liz Arnott

Producer: Ella Littlewood

Production Manager: Martha Wright

Production Assistant: Sam Baker

CMO: Zaid Al-Qassab

Head of Marketing: Penny Brough, Nic Moran, Laura Ward-Smith, James Walker

Marketing Lead: Laura Woodcock

Marketing Executive: Victoria Cheng

Marketing Executive: Maya Padhya

Business Director: Jane English

Senior Planner: James Hamilton

Media Agency: OMD

Exec Producer: Matt Shannon

Producer: Rose Nicholson

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Serial Pictures x Somesuch

Director: Bradford Young, ASC

Executive Producer / Managing Director (Somesuch): Seth Wilson

Executive Producer (Serial Pictures): Violaine Etienne

Producer: Elena (Elly) Camisa

Director Of Photography: Rina Yang

Production Designer: Nathan Von Parker

Costume Designer: Jessica Fell

Hair & Make Up Artist: Natasha Lawes

Sound Recordist: Mike Palmer

Casting Director: Kharmel Cochrane

Directors Assistant: Saman Aminzadeh

1st Assistant Director: Jez Oakley

Production Manager: Fatima Zaman

Athlete Casting:  Shananne Lane and Louise Oliver

Location Manager: Scout Productions

2nd Unit Director: Dan Emmerson

Camera Operator (2nd Unit): Fraser Rigg


Editor : Amanda James @ Final Cut

Asst Editor : Leah Burton/James Stubbs

Producer: Nikki Porter

MUSIC: Leland Music

Music Supervision & Production: Leland Music

Music Supervisors: Abi Leland, Toby Williams

Music Assistant: Letizia Pacchioni

Arranger / Producer: Guy Farley

Vocalist: Jay Prince

Backing vocalists: Lawrence Johnson, Travis Cole, Wayne Hernandez, Shaun Samonini

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Percussion: Dan Ellis

Bass: Nick Walsh

Piano: Ben Dawson

Banjo: Adam Goldsmith

Guitar: Jamie McCredie

Trumpet: Jay Phelps

Alto Sax: Jamie Talbot

Baritone Sax: Claire McInerney


Sound Design/Mix: James Utting and Anthony Moore

Audio Producer: Lucy Spong


VFX Supervisors: Sam Osborne, Bernardo Varela, Federico Vanone 2D LEAD: Leo Weston

2D TEAM: Ollie Ramsey, Bernardo Varela, Caroline Dalgato, Leandro Vazquez, Sarah Breakwell, Matt Jackson

3D TEAM: Guillaume Heussler, Jake Newton, Teodora Retegan, Zoe Sottiaux,
Sottiaux, James Mann

Colour Grading: Simone Grattarola

Producer: Sian Jenkins

EP: Tom Johnson