Why we're launching a BAME focused Leadership Program.

We recognise that whilst the pipeline of new talent is improving, there is still a job to do to ensure greater diversity at senior levels within the British broadcasting industry.

We have learned that it’s often harder for those who don’t fit the creative industries status quo to get access to training, pay rises or promotion and by working together we aim to be a part of the solution.

We will therefore pay for each of our partners to nominate two of their rising stars to attend our BAME Focused Leadership Programme (PROGRESS), designed specifically to support the progression of emerging leaders within our industry.

/ Who's eligible for the scheme?

PROGRESS is open to staff who work for companies who are broadcast sponsors of Promax UK. If you don’t know if you’re a sponsor, ask your repIf you work for a broadcaster and your company isn’t represented here, email lizpromaxuk@gmail.com

/ Testimonials

Whilst this programme is the first of its kind, Creative Access has a proven track record in development programmes, as evidenced by these testimonials:

“Being part of the CA Development Programme was a great opportunity to take stock of how far I have come and connect with other like-minded people. The training really gave us a sense of our potential as future leaders in our fields. It was just the confidence boost I needed as I move on to the next stage in my career” April, TATE.

“It was great to talk about my thoughts out loud in confidence to my mentor. They made me feel really at ease in discussing my career path. She was a great soundboard for ideas and advice when needed” Kripa, ITV.

“Their training for emerging leaders was a fantastic, I attended an inspiring session that left me feeling energised to make a change in the world. Most importantly, it reminded me that I am capable of it too. I left with practical tools to become a leader, from someone who looks like me, understands me and best of all has gone through the same tough slog as me and made it” Olivia, BBH.