Jonathan Gentle

Junior Creative – ITV Creative

How did you get your start in TV?

I studied Film (BA and MA) at Queen Mary University, and created short fiction films and documentaries. I was fortunate enough to get work experience as a Runner for BBC’s The One Show, as well working as an Industry Assistant for the London Film Festival. I then spent a year working for the YouGov before joining ITV Creative in 2015.

What’s the project of yours from the past year that you are most proud of?

My promo for ITV’s Harry Potter Christmas season, which re-lived prominent moments from throughout the series, but in reverse. I feel the promo is made for true Harry Potter fans!

Name a recent campaign you admire or wish you’d been involved in.

Channel 4’s campaign for The Great British Bake Off this year. Being a huge animation fan myself, I feel the promo captures the spirit of what everyone loves about most about the show – the bakes.

What are your impressions of the TV industry and, specifically, how it treats young talent coming through? (be honest!)

My own experience at ITV Creative has been an extremely fun and exciting one… my managers have constantly supported me and my creative ideas every step of the way, which is why I have been able to develop my skills and achieve successful campaigns (and a Promax silver award!).

In three words, what gives you creative inspiration?

Family, peers, world.

Choose one: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat?


Name one figure from history who sum up your aesthetic?

Being a die-hard Disney fan, I probably would have to say Walt Disney. That kind of family entertainment and creative passion is the approach I personally take when making promos, as I try to craft them in a way that entices and make people happy.