The Short Film Festival - Rules

Welcome to the PromaxBDA UK Short Film Festival presented by Amazon Prime Video.

These rules may be subject to change with little or no notice. By entering you agree to abide by the decision of the judges and the Festival Director in this and all other matters relating to this competition.

PromaxBDA UK is an organisation of industry professionals who encourage excellence and innovation in the field of Television Marketing and Creative. The PromaxBDA UK board is made up of senior representatives from all the major broadcasters and some of the most influential creative companies in the UK. From promos to print, graphics to digital experience, PromaxBDA UK champions original ideas and provides a platform for creativity.

The PSFF is a chance for Television Marketing and Creative professionals to showcase their short films to their peers. We will be accepting submissions until Sun 1st October.

Please DO NOT send films as an attachment! Please send download links or links to view online. Before you submit anything, please read this whole document. 5 short films will be selected as finalists and screened at an event shortly before November 3rd 2017.

These 5 films will be awarded £5,000 prize money (before US non-resident tax, up to a maximum of 30% or lower treaty rate depending on individual’s circumstances). Then on November 3rd 2017 one winning film will be awarded instead a £10,000 prize (before US non-resident tax, up to a maximum of 30% or lower treaty rate depending on individual’s circumstances). Payment may take one to two months to process.

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– Entry is free.

– Entries should be no longer than 15 minutes.

– The deadline for entries is Sun 1st October but really the sooner the better so please don’t delay.

– The films can be factual or drama based, live action, animation or mixed media.

– By submitting your film you are certifying that you are the film’s owner and that you have obtained all necessary rights for public showing of your film, including its soundtrack, thereby indemnifying PromaxBDA UK and Amazon against any possible legal claim or any rights infringement.

– Please direct any questions to Matt White (Festival Director)

– Entries that are deemed offensive or unsuitable for display for any reason, may be disqualified.

– Filmmakers must be, or must have recently been a TV promo maker, or involved closely with TV promos and/or TV Marketing or TV branding. This competition is for films by TV people. The decision of whether a filmmaker’s link to TV promos is strong enough to qualify rests solely with the PromaxBDA UK board and the Festival Director.

Screening your film

As part of Amazon’s involvement, your film has the chance to be made available on Amazon Video through the new service designed to support content creators and visual storytellers to reach millions of Amazon Video customers worldwide; Amazon Video Direct. We understand that in order to remain eligible for entry for other festivals, some films may be ineligible for screening online, but if possible we would like the option to be able to do so. Please make clear whether your film can be shown online. If you would prefer not to allow this, this will not affect your film’s eligibly or the judging.


As explained above, the idea of this competition is to celebrate the creativity of TV marketing and creative professionals. In other words, we are looking for the best films from the makers of TV. One of the principal filmmakers (i.e. the director, producer, writer, etc.) should be working in the world of TV marketing and creative (this includes SVOD) Please make clear you or your fellow filmmakers’ promo/TV marketing credentials in the space provided on the entry form. Your eligibility it is at our discretion, and our decision is final. If you are unsure if you qualify, please send an enquiry to

How to Enter

2017 entries are now closed.

The Event

We are planning a screening event at a time, location and details TBC.

All 5 ‘Finalists’ Films will be awarded the following:

– A ticket to the PromaxBDA UK Awards dinner at the Park Lane Hilton, London on Friday 3th November where the winning film will be presented.

–  All finalists have the opportunity for their film to be hosted across all Amazon Video platforms via Amazon Video Direct. The 5 shortlisted film-makers will be supported to get their content live and in front of the millions of Amazon Video customers in UK and US.

– A prize of £5,000 (before US non-resident tax, up to a maximum of 30% or lower treaty rate depending on individual’s circumstances).

The Winning Filmmaker will be Awarded:

– A Promax UK Muse award (presentation will be made on Friday 3rd November at the Awards Evening).

– A short clip of the winning film will be shown. Unfortunately, time constraints make a scheduled full live showing of the winning film unlikely at the awards this year.

– A prize of £10,000 instead NOT additional to £5,000 finalist’s prize (before US non-resident tax, up to a maximum of 30% or lower treaty rate depending on individual’s circumstances)

Other ‘Shortlisted’ Films:

In addition to the 5 finalists, a number of other entries (number TBC) will be invited to be shown on Amazon Video Direct.


Films are given a score out of 20 by a panel of judges, independently of each other as follows:

– Marks out of 10 for CRAFT/OVERALL EXCELLENCE


– The winning film is the one that receives the highest total score after adding together all the Judges’ scores.

– Scores will not be made available.

Once you have been informed you are a 'Finalist':

You will be asked to submit:

– A word document (approx 100 words) detailing your professional background (Remember you or another of the film’s prominent film-makers i.e. writer, producer, director, etc. will need to currently work, or have worked in the Television Marketing and Creative industry)

– A synopsis (approx. 50 words or less)

– A clean (no type or logos) high res still that can be made into a poster to be displayed at the venue and online.