Liz Arnott

/ Background

Senior Producer - 4creative

Liz Arnott is a Senior Producer working in Commercials, Promos and branding.  With wide experience of live action shoots and post production techniques. Liz spent many years working at 4creative, an in house agency at Channel 4 Television with a reputation for creative led marketing, this allowed her to work on projects encompassing stunts, special effects, 3D animation, ultra high speed and VFX.

Many projects have been award winning including the rebranding of the Film 4 channel which was given the D&AD black pencil in 2015.

/ Board Role

Board Producer

Liz will attend all board meetings. Following each meeting she will distribute minutes and task lists to directors. She will cover general administration and be a producer support to the board directors on all activities. Landy and Liz will meet weekly.

tel: 07802423019