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The Circle is an innovative reality gameshow where players live in self-contained flats only able to communicate via a bespoke social media platform – The Circle. Popularity wins the game (and the prize money), but hidden behind their screens, who the players are is completely up to them. To launch this 3rd series of the show, we were asked to communicate how The Circle was different this year – more mischievous, more meddling. So we chose to dial up this drama and make our campaign not just about who you might be, but what The Circle might make you do in the ruthless pursuit for £100,000. To ask everyone out there – what would you lose to win?

/ Any hurdles you had to overcome?

Covid, covid, covid. Initially planned as a full outdoor and ambient campaign, we saw more and more media options drop out as we were once again told to stay at home. But with the help of marketing we reimagined the money into more digital executions and partnerships, without losing some key out of home and everyone’s favourite bespoke phone-box creative. Covid did serve us one favour however, in the shape of a totally empty Tate Modern in which to shoot our film.

/ Favourite moment of the film?

The expressions of our two hosts. I love the casting in this, how it lends the film both a sense of oddness and a sense of knowing fun. Those smiles to camera early on I think are golden, they let you know that much like The Circle itself, all is not what it might seem.


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/ Credits


ECD – Lynsey Atkin

Creatives – Andy Shrubsole, Scott Taylor

Design Director – Tim Fellowes

Designer – Conor Foran

Designer – Nathan Smith

Design and Motion – Will Davys

Executive Producer – Charlie Bettice

Campaign Producer – Tabby Harris

OOH Producer – Simon Glover

Producer – Paul Gleeson

Marketing Team

Chief Marketing Officer – Zaid Al-Qassab

Head of Youth Marketing – Emily Latham

Marketing Lead – Laura Woodcock

Marketing Executive – Laura Bedford

The Circle TVC

Exec Producer – Charlie Bettice

Campaign Producer – Tabby Harris

Director – Will Clark

DoP – Dan Holland

Production designer – Tom Gander

Costume designer – Jonny Fitzgerald

Hair and make-up designer – Poppy France

Editor – Joe Wilby

Sound – The Factory – Jack Hallet

Grade – Black Kite Studios – George K

Online – Platform – John Cryer

The Circle OOH

OOH Producer – Simon Glover

Photographer – Nicky Hamilton

Retouching – Curious

The Circle Digital

Digital Director – Christos Savvides

Digital Producer – Paul Gleeson

Social Video Director – James Henry

Grade and Online – Platform

Sound – The Factory / Platform

Motion Graphics – Will Davys / Pete & Tom

Banner Development – Biborg

Sound – The Factory / Platform

Motion Graphics – Will Davys / Pete & Tom